About the project

About this blog:

This blog is focused, as the title suggests, on what it means to ’embed’ children and young people’s participation in health services and research. Posts are about the research I’m doing in this area and other  relevant events and work related to children and young people’s participation.
As this blog, and the project on which it’s based, are all about participation I’d really like to use it as a way to get people to participate! As well as talking to people at meetings and events (see posts about July 2013 workshop) I want to use this blog and Twitter to involve people who have an interest in this area. This could be children and young people, policy-makers, practitioners and researchers with expertise in the field. So I will post emerging ideas, findings and other things and (hopefully!) get input from people who are interested in contributing to the discussion, ensuring that this work is shaped by a range of different ‘stakeholders’. So please get involved and let me know what you think. Guest posts are also very welcome.

About the project:

In spite of the increasing profile of children and young people’s participation in health services and research, there are growing concerns about whether this participation is meaningful for all those involved, effective in terms of impacts on service decision-making and outcomes for children and young people, and sustained. This research project aims to develop understanding which supports the embedding of children and young people’s participation in health services, and their involvement in research, through action research in two case studies:

* A community children’s health partnership in which an NHS Trust and a voluntary sector organisation are working together to support children and young people’s participation in their services

* A pilot feasibility study (clinical trial) which is adapting an adult intervention for young people using drug and alcohol services.

About Louca-Mai:

I’m a researcher who is passionate about children and young people’s participation and facilitating their involvement in research, policy and practice. I’m currently doing a PhD at the University of the West of England on ‘embedding children and young people’s participation in health and social care services’, as well as doing some freelance work and training on research on and with children and young people. I previously worked at the National Children’s Bureau Research Centre, where I led their work on the involvement of children and young people in research. I am also a member of INVOLVE, the National Institute for Health Research advisory group that supports greater public involvement in health, public health and social care research.


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